Supporting Cast

Nothing in sport is ever done on your own. I’m lucky enough to have a great team behind me, making sure I’m fit and strong, I have the right gear, it’s in excellent working order and importantly, that I’m looking sharp out on the road and trail.

Bikes, Parts and Maintenance


Located in Chatswood NSW, Cyclery Northside ticks all the boxes in terms of being a great bike shop. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose from a huge range of Specialized bikes and accessories, expertly fit you using the comprehensive Body Geometry Fit and through a large and ever reliable workshop, keep your fleet in top working condition. It’s also just a cool place to hang out, get advice from some amazing riders and have a laugh. I spend way too much time here!

Nutrition and Recovery


Pure Edge are a local Sydney company who make high quality nutritional products to support athletes. Having an allergy to whey, I have always found it difficult to find an effective protein supplement for recovery that doesn’t taste like sand. I can’t recommend the Pure Edge Vegan recovery protein enough.

Ceramic Bottom Bearings


C-Bear are a ceramic bearing specialist, who produce high quality, purpose specific bearings for bottom brackets. They are precise, don’t flex or deform and due to design and location, ensure optimal stiffness and maximum power transfer. Such a important part of the power and efficiency equation that is often overlooked.

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